Margaret Feinberg’s New Book “Fight Back with Joy”!

When you first pick up a book you never know what you will encounter. You see a title like “Fight Back with Joy” and it lends itself to all sorts of thoughts about what this book might be about, most obviously, joy. But this book isn’t like other books, and Margaret isn’t like other writers. “Fight Back with Joy” will take you on a most unexpected journey of heartfelt pain, difficulty and questioning followed by some of the brightest rays of hope and love that you will ever encounter!

When you read this book you will find yourself brought into a life journey that will open your eyes to the true biblical meaning of

Fight Back with Joy

Fight Back with Joy

joy. Joy is more than just being happy when circumstances are good. It is about finding life and purpose in Christ that sometimes cannot be found any other way than through suffering.

My wife, after reading this book, had this to say:

“To communicate what this book has stirred inside of me is hard to put into words. Traveling tears, moments of kinship, and a deep appreciation for your vulnerability. Many times I had to just put the book down because the tears clouded my ability to read. You should know that God is using you as a Wilson Bentley to many. Your life is continually being touched by the beauty of God and you are sharing that Holy wonder with generations. Every word, carefully chosen and examined, and your experiences so raw and fully exposed  are in essence, their own uniquely made, beautiful snowflake. Thank you. Thank you for the beautiful snowfall. It has deeply touched my heart.”

In her trademark story-telling way, Margaret shares a depth of heart and life that many authors shy away from, or simply haven’t experienced. She puts her pain and hope out for all to see and, I believe, will be greatly rewarded for!

Fight Back with Joy Bible Study

Fight Back with Joy Bible Study

I wish I could give a copy of this book to every person to read and learn from. Don’t miss your change to own “Fight Back with Joy” and learn some of life’s toughest lessons from someone who has not only learned them, but come through them better for it!

If you’ve never read any of Margaret’s writing, start with this book and then find her on the web at

Today, I encourage you to go to one of these major retailers and pick up a copy of “Fight Back with Joy” by Margaret Feinberg! You will not be sorry you did.


Barnes and Noble

Below you will find a preview of the video Bible Study that you can use to go deeper as you learn to “Fight Back with Joy”…


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